Direct mail, done using basic direct response marketing methods, is one of the most effective ways to build your business, increase your client base, and make loads of cash in the process.

Direct mail is one of the oldest and most stable mediums there is anywhere. It’s been tested and used to sell products and services for hundreds of years. To put it plainly and simply, direct mail works . . . there’s simply no denying it.

And, most important, it will work for you! In any market and during any economic conditions.

If you’ve done direct mail in the past, and it “hasn’t worked for you” I want to challenge you right now to give me just 3 minutes of your time to prove to you that if you have tried direct mail in the past, and didn’t get the results you wanted, that it wasn’t that the direct mail didn’t work, but there was, in fact, some other reason for it.

That sounds like a very bold statement, and it is, but there are usually only two reasons direct mail doesn’t work when marketers use it. The first reason is that although you used direct mail, you didn’t employ direct response marketing strategies to the mail and that’s the reason it didn’t work – you didn’t make it action oriented which would have compelled your client or prospect to have to get up and do something right then and there, in that very moment. That was your job and you failed to do it.

Are You A “Me Too” Advertiser & Marketer OR
Are You Using Good, Solid Direct Response Principles?

More than likely, this happened because you were using image or “me too” advertising. In other words your ad or message looked the same as everyone else’s. It told them your hours, your location, hopefully gave them your phone number and if they were lucky you remembered to mention your website. And, you asked them to come see you down at the shop or buy your widget, product or thing.

Was your message different? Was it exciting? No, probably not, because you did exactly what everyone else in your industry is doing. You’re copying what everyone else is doing, and they’re copying too. Worse yet, because nobody’s measuring their results, you don’t even know that your marketing dollars are being wasted . . . until you actually spend money to mail, and them all of a sudden you want to point your finger and tell anyone who will listen, that mail doesn’t work.

What about your Yellow Page ad?
What about your radio or TV ad?
What about the ads you run in your local papers or Penny Savers?
What about any of the other marketing you do?
What is your Return On Investment (ROI) there?

The other reason you may not have been happy with your previous direct mail attempts might have been that your message was just plain boring or it wasn’t strong enough. Being boring is one of the cardinal sins of marketing.

If your mail was boring and it looked like every other ad they get in their mailbox, and if you didn’t give them a deadline, or a strong call to action, or a compelling reason to do business with you, then they threw your mail away with the rest of the “junk mail”. Why would you expect them to do anything else?

You definitely have to avoid being boring. Being boring will kill more sales and marketing
opportunities than just about anything else you do.

So many clients and prospects are bored in their day-to-day lives that if you come along and add to that, you go nowhere fast. On the other hand, if you stand out, do something even a little different than what your prospects are used to seeing, you will have done more to capture their attention than pretty much anybody else they deal with.

So, if you can honestly say you did those 2 things, stood out from the crowd, sent a mail piece that was different than the normal, everyday, drab mail you get, or if you truly sent direct response marketing type mail, that required a response, and wasn’t just boring “me too” advertising, where you just gave them your hours and contact information and nothing else, then go ahead and go do something else other than continuing to read about Direct Mail and why you absolutely should be using it to grow your business right now.

By the way, if you’re already using direct mail successfully, congratulations, that’s great. You too, should keep reading as there are always things you can do better that will greatly increase your results as well.

  • Alex Mandossian
  • Alex Mandossian
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  • “I Wouldn’t Launch A Direct Mail Campaign Without Them.”
  • "When I need professional assistance with my direct mail campaigns, I turn to Diane Conklin at Complete Marketing Systems. She is the expert I really trust to clean my mailing lists and eliminate duplicate names, so I’m not overspending unnecessarily.

    I encourage you to take a closer look at Complete Marketing Systems because I wouldn’t launch a direct mail campaign without them.”

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What Exactly Is Direct Response Marketing Anyway?

There are two big advantages to using direct response marketing in all your advertising and sales copy. First, it is action oriented, which means your prospect, or current client, has to do something, take some action, which immediately gets them involved with you and your sales process. You might ask them to fax a form back to you, go to a website to order a report or free CD, to call a 24-hour free recorded message, or bring a coupon in to get something or maybe even get a discount.

The other big advantage to using direct response marketing is that it is measureable. In other words, you know very quickly if your marketing campaign is effective. You simply can’t do this with your typical image advertising because you have no way to know how many visitors, sales or calls you got when you just arbitrarily stick your logo and hours out there for others to see.

If you are tired of wasting your marketing dollars, or simply not knowing what the results are from your efforts, then you absolutely have to be using direct

response marketing strategies from this point forward in your business. Once you make the switch, you’ll immediately see a difference in your business profits and you will know for sure that your marketing and advertising dollars are working, instead of playing the guessing game like you are now.

Measure, Measure, Measure …

Most business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs don’t like numbers and math, but if you’re going to be successful with your marketing efforts, you absolutely have to know your numbers. You have to measure, and be detail oriented, so you know exactly what you’re spending, what your break even point is for the campaign, and how much a new client is worth to you – on the front end and the back end as well.

When you are getting prospects and clients to take action and measuring the results of your marketing campaigns, you will be ahead of the game in every way possible because you will know exactly what your results need to be before you start marketing.

The Money Is In Your List

We see it every day…business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to make more money but forget to look at their current client base. Don’t ignore your clients – that’s where the big money is in your business and by looking at your client list and who’s on it, you can determine a lot about what kind of offers to roll out to all or a segment of them.

There are a variety of ways to look at your list and break it down. For example, you may want to have a special offer just for the women on your list, or just to people who live in the southeast, or to clients who have purchased a particular course, who have spent a certain dollar amount, who have or have not attended events you have hosted, or some combination of these.

These are just a few of the ways to “chop up” your list to pull segments out that can make you BIG money!

What Direct Mail Is NOT!

Direct mail is not about mass mailings…as a matter of fact, it’s just the opposite! Successful direct mail is about segmenting your list so that you are speaking so directly to your client or prospect that they think to themselves "hey, they’re talking to me” or “this is for me”.

Next, direct mail does not have to be expensive. There are a variety of ways to do direct mail that will get great results without you feeling as if you have mortgaged your business to do it. Here are a few inexpensive ways to get started in direct mail:

Simple Postcards Self-Mailers (anything not requiring an envelope) Your basic sales letter and order form in a standard envelope (mails for first class postage…or cheaper!)
  • Dr. Greg Nielsen
  • Dr. Greg Nielsen
  • Waterford Chiropractic Waterford, WI
  • “Your System Is Perfect”
  • As a marketer and chiropractor who uses direct mail to dominate my marketplace, I am so impressed with your system that I’m now using your material to bring my staff up to speed on direct response marketing and direct mail. Your system is perfect!

    Your system is a must have for both the person who may just be getting started with direct mail and for business owners who are already successfully
    using direct mail as part of their marketing plan.

    We’ll be using this system in my office for a very long time to come.

Why Direct Mail Will Get You Noticed,
Get You More Clients & More MONEY!

In a recent study of 18-34 year old females, at Ball State University, it was determined that 72% of them wanted to receive their marketing messages via Direct Mail while only 53% of them wanted to receive them via email. AND, none of them, 0% wanted to receive marketing messages via their phone or by text message. They simply considered it intrusive, and no good marketer wants to be looked at as an intruder. You want to be the welcome guest that’s there at just the time they need you, entering the conversation that was already going on in their head, to solve the challenge or problem they were experiencing.

Direct Mail does all that for you!

In case the 18-34 year old female is not your target market, the other group that buys the most through direct mail is the 45-65 year old age group. Probably one of those groups fits at least part of your target market.

It’s also important to note that direct mail produces better clients than ones you get in other places. The average direct mail client:

Buys More Often Spends More The First Time They Purchase From You Are More Loyal To You & Your Business Will Spend More With You In The Long Term (their lifetime value to your business is greater)
Direct Mail Is A Sustainable Media

Having a successful direct mail campaign gives your business sustainable marketing power that you can go back to time and time again and depend on to work. It’s like having your very own money machine that you can call on at any time to produce income for you.

This might seem like a bold statement to you, but you could go so far as to say that having a direct mail campaign that works is the only way to have sustainability and stability in your company.

Unlike email, and so many of the other media being used today, that have issues with deliverability and getting opened, all those issues can be overcome with direct mail … you just have to know the secrets to making that happen.

And, you will discover all those secrets and more in the “Direct Mail Made Easy System”

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Direct Mail Made Easy System
Here’s What The “Direct Mail Made Easy System” Includes
The Direct Mail Strategies Manual – here is where you will discover the details and secrets of not only direct mail, but direct response marketing and the strategies you need to make all of your mailings successful. This manual is where the details are of exactly what to do, how to do it and why.
Direct Mail Made Easy System
The List Essentials Manual – you already know the list is where the big money is. This manual reveals to you the simple ways to break down your list for maximum profits so your clients and prospects feel like you’re talking directly to them and you have the solution they need right now.
Direct Mail Made Easy System
2 Plus Hours of Audio CD’s – the audios cover the essentials of direct mail and list segmentation in an interview format that’s easy to listen to wherever you find it convenient. You’ll want to listen to these a few times to get all the great nuggets for you successful direct mail campaigns.
Successful Direct Mail Sample Filethis is what you really want, samples of successful campaigns that you can use to model your own. The most successful business owners look outside their industries for examples of what’s working and model those so they are always on the cutting edge…they don’t blindly copy what others are doing in their industries. You can use these samples from some really excellent marketers to do the same thing.
Plus, These Amazing FREE BONUSES:
A 30 Minute One-On-One Direct Mail Marketing Consultation – here is your chance to get private consulting time with one of the nation’s leading authorities in direct mail and all things direct response marketing. Diane or Gail will critique one of your mail pieces before you invest your money to send it to insure you get maximum returns.
$500.00 Value
How To Skyrocket Your Profits With Direct Mail Audio CD – discover how to get started quickly with direct mail, even if you’ve never mailed before, with the tips on this audio. Easy, simple secrets reveal the real way to success with direct mail.
$99.00 Value
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No hassles, no hoops to jump through, no questions asked. Of course, we want to keep you happy, so if there’s something we can do to make you happier we’ll certainly do it, and if not, we’ll give you your full investment back.

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    I’m just so thankful that you put them together in one a one-stop shop resource for me in your Direct Mail course. I just wanted to say thank you.

    I really appreciate you making that resource available to me. It’s made a ton of difference in my business. Thank you so much.

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  • I worked with Diane to promote a couple of workshops I was doing. She was so fabulous! She kept me from making some mistakes that, even though I’ve been studying marketing for quite a while, I was about to make that really would have been just tragic.

    And, she helped me to put together a mailing that looked great, got some great, very positive feedback on. It was a fun experience. More than that, it was a profitable experience. So, thanks Diane! It was great. I appreciate it.