“THE” direct-mail system that will turn your business around
almost overnight and draw clients to you like moths to a flame…
Direct Mail Mastery
The One-And-Only Direct-Mail “Toolkit" That Gives You 459
‘Ready-To-Use’ Examples...Checklists...Step-By-Step Procedures …Manuals…Letters...Postcards...And Every Other Conceivable Document, Tip And Short-Cut Idea You’ll EVER Need To Explode
Your Bottom-Line Profits With The Velocity Of A Solar Rocket!
This Powerful Course Is Guaranteed, Tested And Proven.
It Will Devastate Your Competition, Lock In Customer Loyalty,
And Explode Your Revenue In The New Economy. And, It’s Available To
You For A Price So Incredibly Low You May Not Believe It's Possible!
  • Plus, Read On To Discover:
  • How, in 90 days or less you’ll be able to stop making cold calls forever and devote all of your energy focusing on prospects and clients who are worthy of your precious time!
  • How your direct-mail campaigns will have customers chasing you instead of you chasing them… and the joy of watching your advertising dollars generating business for you ‘round the clock’…
  • How you will quickly achieve an “unfair advantage” over your competitors simply by putting the direct-mail strategies, examples and system to work in your business.

Dear Friend:

You’ve just made a wise decision.  I don’t know how you found this website -- it doesn’t matter.  The fact is…you’re here.  If you’ll take a few minutes to read this letter it promises to change your business and your life – forever!

How is it possible that so many small business owners are doing so well in this economy, practically doubling or tripling their profits every year, while others are scraping by, trying to make ends meet?  I mean, really.  How is that possible?

You’re about to find out how it’s possible.  I urge you to find a quiet, comfortable place in your home or office and give this information your full attention - it’s that important!  It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to read it. 

What you are about to discover will have a profound impact on your business – and your life!  …Are you ready?

…Okay, let’s get started…
The “X-Factor” Hardly Anybody Talks About
Because So Few Understand How It Works

Do You Believe Success Leaves Clues?  There’s a new wave of millionaire small business owners using a timeless business system which has kept them soaring during our current economic turbulence, and launched them to new heights whenever they choose to “turn on the faucet.”

It’s a powerful “faucet”, for those in the know, and it’s generating consistent, reliable income —as well as the lifestyle and business of their dreams for those that use it.

What Exactly Is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is marketing directed at a specific individual (or, more accurately, a group of individuals) intended to elicit an immediate response. Direct mail is one of the most liberating skills you will learn in your business lifetime.

Direct mail is a form of marketing that reaches its audience without using traditional formal channels of advertising.  Direct mail is used in many different situations, limited only by the imagination of the advertiser, in the form of printed ads, letters, postcards or other methods, to select groups of customers or targeted lists.

“Why Most Small Business Owners NEVER
Crack Through To Ideal, Permanent Clientele And
Top Income – The Three Uncomfortable Truths”

Truth #1: You must leave the ranks of those who continue to grow their businesses through old, antiquated methods of prospecting and client retention.

Truth #2: The path to more clients, more easily obtained clients, better clients, higher income, and more opportunity DOES NOT come from working IN your business.  It comes from working ON your BUSINESS.

Truth #3:  This is an old one: The definition of INSANITY: Doing the same things the same way over and over again while hoping for different results.

Are you spending too much time making phone calls, fighting endless battles with voice mail and struggling to get appointments instead of closing sales?
Do your advertising dollars dribble out low quality leads? (That’s if you’re doing any advertising at all)
Do your monthly sales numbers bounce all over the place? Is your revenue way too dependent on one or two big customers?
…If you can relate to any of those things, keep reading…
Welcome To The System That Offers You
Simple Direct Mail Strategies
This Direct Mail System Promises To Skyrocket Your Profits,
Have You Laughing At All Those Marketers And Business Owners
Who Swear Email, Social Media And Other Online Marketing Strategies
Are The Only Way To Build Your Business Today…
“…To Those People…I Say Phooey!”

I have helped hundreds of people turn ordinary businesses into extraordinary profit-surging companies.  Now I want to help you!  My motive is really quite simple.  I am passionate about getting this message out to all struggling business owners across the country. 

If you can keep an open mind, and if you would like to out perform your competition, increase your customer flow and profits, and get a much better pay back…then, this program was meant for YOU!

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Alex Mandossian
Alex Mandossian
Heritage House Publishing
Novato, California

“I Wouldn’t Launch A Direct Mail Campaign Without Them.”

"When I need professional assistance with my direct mail campaigns, I turn to Diane Conklin at Complete Marketing Systems. She is the expert I really trust to clean my mailing lists and eliminate duplicate names, so I’m not overspending unnecessarily.

I encourage you to take a closer look at Complete Marketing Systems because I wouldn’t launch a direct mail campaign without them."

If you will master this skill, you will then hold in your hand the key to open virtually any vault you like…remove as much money from it as you like…and create any type of life you want.

Conversely, NOT getting good at this imprisons you in many different ways.  It will enslave you to never-ending, never diminishing manual labor that restricts your income and makes you old before your time.

It will prohibit your business expansion.  It will leave you increasingly vulnerable to new competition, unable to do “combat” successfully AND completely unable to compete dollar-for-dollar with big spenders on traditional advertising.

Congratulations! It Appears You Are Ready To Leap Up To The Big Leagues!

Congratulations!  You’ve transitioned from reading and listening to learning and taking serious action with your business.

Astonishingly, direct mail continues to fly under the radar for most small business owners.  Most small business owners are “stuck” with old ways of cultivating new business…and unfortunately, they’re just too darn busy working “in” their business to make the kind of serious changes that this economy requires.

Your World Is About To Change – And I’m
Going To Do It For You. Completely!

Hi.  My name is Diane Conklin.  Over the last several years, my direct-mail and business skills have been used by many of the best (and most successful) marketers -- for both online and offline businesses. My direct-mail campaigns and business strategies have grossed over $1,000,000.00 in sales many times throughout my career. 

People freely admit using my direct mail and marketing strategies for their own breakthrough businesses… and they do so with outstanding results.  It gives me great pleasure knowing I’ve helped dozens of fellow business owners crack the code, turning ordinary, struggling companies into highly profitable businesses.

As a working business owner and entrepreneur, I have also worked under the tutelage of some of the top marketers in the game. 

As a direct-mail marketing expert, I've helped hundreds of otherwise clueless entrepreneurs and small business owners get their acts together.  I have touched a lot of lives, and people pay attention to what I have to offer, because it works.  Now I want to help YOU! 

I have worked behind-the-scenes to help lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, financial planners, insurance agents, and countless other industry owners, turn ordinary businesses into highly successful companies.

These business owners turned their companies around by applying the simple formulas of direct mail marketing.  It isn’t so much about hard work as it is using the effective language of persuasion and emotion, and doing it consistently through various forms of direct mail.

By the way – I would like to say something about emotion.  You may scoff at the kind of language I’m using here…”secrets” … “dreams” … “lifetime profits” – but can we be straight about the plain fact that we ALL live there, in the realm of emotion about our lives and businesses?

…And your clients and prospects do too!

This Step-By-Step Direct-Mail Course Will Give You
The Elite-Level Secrets, Skills And Strategies Needed To Execute Hot, Compelling Campaigns That Make It Impossible For
Your Clients and Prospects To Ignore!
David Christopher
David Christopher
The Christopher Agency,
Addison, Texas

“Your System Has Truly Become Our "Go-To" Tool When Putting Together Any Marketing Piece!”

“We really have put the Direct Mail marketing course to good use! We refer to it every time we put together a new marketing piece. Since there are so many new restrictions with other media, we've really revved up our direct-response marketing lately. Whether it's a newsletter insert, a current-client touch postcard, or a direct mail offering to prospects, we use the tools in your system every time.

The headlines and samples are the best! We've "swiped & deployed" quite a few of those to make our pieces immediately grab attention. At first, we were a little hesitant to utilize many of the tools & techniques, but after a few failed attempts with our own efforts, your system has truly become our "go-to" tool when putting together any marketing piece! Thanks Diane!”

Why Is The System Called “Direct-Mail Building Blocks?”
…There Are Two Reasons Actually:
Reason #1: The insider information in the system can shortcut your learning curve—for real—by at least 5, if not 10 years. (And, in reality, on your own, you might not ever get to the skills and strategies this course provides.)
Reason #2: In the ‘Direct-Mail Building Block’ system, you’ll discover many legitimate shortcuts to the direct-mail process …that…not only will help you create more marketing campaigns …but also help create better and more persuasive sales techniques in the process.
  The system is designed in a logical, step-by-step, easy-to-understand fashion. I’ll take you by the hand from beginning to end and show you exactly how it is done.
  No guesswork. No theory. No fluff. Nothing to work out on your own. Just clear, simple instructions written in plain English.
Take A Look At Just Some Of The Cash-Producing Direct-Mail
Secrets You’ll Receive In This Power-Packed Course
You’ll discover the most effective way to clean and segment your mailing list.
You find out how to say more, and spend less -- with every marketing piece you send out. These crucial elements are found in every great direct mail piece because they force people to read your advertising.
You see how to design effective, direct mail campaigns that hit the ‘sweet spot’ with clients and prospects -- and make them want to do business with you…NOW!
You’ll discover how to accurately track every marketing piece you send out (This little strategy alone is worth the investment you’ll make for the system).
You’ll discover the little secrets the USPS doesn’t want you to know (your postage costs will drop -- and you’ll be able to reach more prospects).
You’ll learn how top marketers never start a project with a blank piece of paper.(Hint: it’s the opposite of what 99% of most small business owners do…yet,…it’s the secret that drives the success of the richest direct marketers in the world!).
You’ll understand how to exploit simple human nature ‘response triggers’ that will help you increase your sales and reduce refunds at the same time.
You’ll discover the best ways to create urgency and inspire immediate response.
You’ll learn the amazing power of “bullets” and the psychology behind using them with every marketing piece you send out.
You’ll discover how to master the art of inexpensive postcard campaigns, (this little gem is often overlooked by even the most seasoned direct-mail marketers).
You’ll learn the biggest mistakes to avoid when creating your ‘call to action’ (almost everyone is guilty of doing this – except you!)
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…And A Whole Lot More…
“By the way, my one-on-one consultation fees could easily cost 10 times
your investment for this program. When you think about it, you’re getting my expertise ...whenever you want it… teaching you everything I’ve learned about direct mail over the last 15 years -- literally every step of the way…”
It’s neither difficult or beyond your means, … it’s like having me “look over your shoulder”… as you listen to my voice on the 6 audio CD’s while I walk you through the illustrated manuals and endless direct-mail examples…
…Could It Get Any Easier?
Plus, you’ll get all this…
This system will help you stand ‘head and shoulders’ above your competitors. (Americans see 3,900+ marketing and advertising images every single day – that’s more than our grand-parents saw in their entire lifetime!!
The system will teach you how to easily clean your mailing lists to eliminate name duplication and help you avoid overspending.
The information you receive in the system can be used anywhere in your business (online or offline).
Direct-mail will improve relationships with your clients and give them a reason to do business with you.
You’ll quickly discover how to chart your responses and accurately measure your ROI (Return On Investment). You’ll always be able to track what’s working – and what isn’t.
You’ll learn the power of an online landing page (squeeze page) and how it can turn “lookie loo’s” into “buy it now” customers.
You’ll discover inexpensive yet effective ways to ‘test’ campaigns (even the biggest and best direct marketers test the campaigns before investing in large mailings).
You’ll learn how to maximize the Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) by staying in touch with your best customers (it costs much less to keep a customer than it does to find new ones).
You’ll learn the benefits of studying the mail in your own mailbox and how to quickly spot effective strategies you can use in your own direct-mail campaigns.
You’ll discover the one word you must use in all of your direct mail campaigns (this one word can boost response rates up to 37%!).
You’ll learn the five secrets you can add to every piece of direct-mail you send out, that guarantees it will be opened and read (Every great direct marketer knows how to get past “the gatekeeper” – and so will you once you discover this little insider secret.
Discover the 3 things you can add to the outside of your envelopes to create heightened curiosity – this little tip will turbo boost your response rates.
You actually get to see samples of 13 outrageous direct-mail pieces that turn heads and get people to take action (tip: bore your audience and your letters will go straight to their “circular” file)
Dr. Greg Nielsen
Dr. Greg Nielsen
Waterford Chiropractic Clinic
Waterford, WI

“I Am So Impressed With Your System That I’m Now Using Your Material To Bring My Staff Up To Speed On Direct Response Marketing And Direct Mail.”

Having finished listening to and going through your system, I have to compliment you on an excellent job! You should be very proud! As a marketer and chiropractor who uses direct mail to dominate my marketplace, I am so impressed with your system that I’m now using your material to bring my staff up to speed on direct response marketing and direct mail.

Your system is perfect because it starts with basic information, and uses a gradient to build up to more advanced information, strategies and resources. Your system is a must have for both the person who may just be getting started with direct mail and for business owners who are already successfully using direct mail as part of their marketing plan.

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Here’s What The Direct Mail
Building Blocks System” Includes:
  • 1.
  • The Direct Mail Building Blocks System Manual – this is where you discover the details and secrets of not only direct mail, but direct response marketing and the strategies you need to make all of your mailings successful. This manual includes the details of exactly what to do, how to do it -- and why.
  • 2.
  • 6 Audio CD’s – if you prefer to listen instead of read, these 6 CD’s give you the details of the Building Blocks System, on audio, so you can listen anywhere, anytime it’s convenient for you.
  • 3.
  • 2 Video DVD’s – here’s where we reveal the nitty, gritty details of how to measure and plan your campaigns. You’ll also get a much better understanding of Direct Response Marketing and other marketing strategies you should be using in your business to really make yourself standout apart from the crowd and from what all your competitors are doing.
  • 4.
  • Successful Direct Mail Sample Kit – this might just be the most valuable thing in the entire system. Included here are sample mailings from some of the top and brightest direct response marketers in the world.
    You always learn more from examples outside your industry than anywhere else and here are 99 pages of examples for you to swipe and deploy for yourself, in your own industry, as you see fit (swipe and deploy the concepts, not the words, please don’t infringe on somebody else’s copyright and just outright copy the pieces you find here – that’s called plagiarism)

  • 5.
  • 3 Sample Kit Audio CD’s – these CD’s go along with the Sample Kit in #4 above. Here, I actually walk you through each of the mail pieces in the sample kit, and explain to you why the marketer did what they did in each mail piece, how you can improve on the pieces, and even the thinking behind the envelope or whatever was used to mail the piece in.
  • 6.
  • The Definitive Guide To Using 3D Mail In Your Marketing Campaigns – here is your complete guide to using 3-dimensional or lumpy mail, to include where to go to get the items you see here (and many of the ones you see used throughout the system). There are even dozens of ready to use headlines in the guide for your convenience to use, just as they are, right along with your dimensional mail. All done for you in a nice little package.
  • 7.
  • Direct Mail Resource Guide – now, you never have to wonder what mail house to use, who is the best copywriter, where to get supplies, or anything else, because compiled here for you are the best of the best. These are actually the vendors and people we use to help us with our marketing campaigns.
    This list has taken us over 12 years to put together, so you benefit from our experience again by using these resources. Or, you can certainly feel free to find your own, but why would you when these people already understand your needs and requirements and are there ready to help you?

  • 8.
  • Sample Headline & Fill In The Blank Headlines – the headline you use for your marketing is the most important part of the entire piece, because it determines whether your reader will continue to read or throw your piece in the trash can.
    Since it is so important, you have here, at your disposal, over 350 of the best headlines ever written. Just think, you might never have to write an original headline ever again. Just pick one out of the list, re-write it a little and use it. Or, if you don’t want to do that, there are also some proven headlines that all you have to do is fill in the blanks and go with it. It’s that simple!

You Get Everything Shown Above,
Plus, These Amazing FREE BONUSES:
  • Critique CertificateBONUS #1: I want to make sure you get a fast start with your first direct-mail campaign. To help you get started, I will critique your first marketing piece. I’ll make sure it’s powerful and persuasive -- and contains all the right stuff. Whether you're trying to sell a product, a service, or to convince your targeted audience to call back, the first objective of your direct mail campaign is to capture attention and make sure your targeted audience takes action – NOW!

    We’ll cover every component of your campaign from an effective headline, all the way to your closing P.S’s, -- and everything in between. AND, I’ll do it all for – FREE! This is a limited time offer.

  • Consultation CertificateBONUS #2: My accountant thinks I’m nuts. But, I’m going to do this anyway…Here’s the deal… I am going to waive my standard $500.00 hour consultation fee for this promotion. This means you get 30 minutes with me to discuss your most pressing direct mail marketing campaign (or any other marketing issue you’d like to discuss with me). We’ll go over the tips and strategies – everything you need to kick-start your first direct mail campaign (or any other marketing issue you’d like to discuss with me) – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

    Our call will be a fast paced, high-energy. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy. That way you’ll have repeated access to all the nuggets and marketing strategies we discuss during our time together.

  • Direct Mail Made Easy - Audio CDBONUS #3: Direct Mail Made Easy Audio CD This is your fast start direct-mail marketing CD. The CD will walk you through every phase of the direct-mail process. I will share everything you need to know to ensure you have effective (and successful) direct-mail marketing campaigns.

    I’ll discuss every little insider tip, shortcut idea and marketing strategy to help make your first direct-mail campaign a successful one. This is a valuable tool and one you can listen to repeatedly.

What Makes This System So Unique?

The trouble with most “success” systems and programs, even the good ones, is that they often contain a hodge-podge of disconnected elements that don’t work together.

This is NOT the case with this direct mail system

The whole platform for success works for you at a whole new level.  Many millionaire marketers have built their businesses on the same principals and strategies shared with you in this system.Everything in this system is based on time-tested and proven business strategies that work!

Don’t You Think You Owe It To Yourself
To Move On This Now!
Mike Lorence
Mike Lorence
Brandon, MS
Small Business Black Belts

“I Would Conservatively Had To Have Spent Over $100,000.00 In Copywriting Fees To Get Access To The Examples In Your Course.”

Diane, I felt compelled to just take a moment and tell you how thankful I am that you’ve put together your Direct Mail Course. It is now a tried and trusted resource that sits on my shelf. I turn to it first, and every time I go do a direct mail campaign for myself, my business or those of my clients.

I was doing some back of the envelope math and what I realized is that because you’ve included numerous direct mail piece examples from the nation’s top direct response marketers and you’ve even shown me how to improve those, I would conservatively had to have spent over $100,000.00 in copywriting fees to get access to those examples. I’m just so thankful that you put them together in one a one-stop shop resource for me in your Direct Mail course. I just wanted to say thank you.

The other thing I wanted to say thank you for is that I really have enjoyed using your 8-page resource guide. It’s an easy to use resource where I can turn to and find anybody that I need for all of my direct mail needs and it just saves me a ton of time and effort and belly aching. So, again, I want to thank you and I really appreciate you making that resource available to me. It’s made a ton of difference in my business. Thank you so much.

Success is a choice!  You are exactly where you want to be.  If you don’t have enough money or time to have something you desire, it’s only because you haven’t decided that’s what you want.  Success is a choice – you’ve got to decide to be successful and then take action to get there.

It doesn’t take a miracle to be successful.  It takes ACTION and COMMITMENT on your part.  It doesn’t take a lot of money.  Commitment and action will draw money to you.  The most difficult commodity to find is someone who will take action and persist until they are successful.

Success In Any Field
Is Difficult And Elusive

Few attain it without the help from others.  Oh, there is talk now and then about these so called self-made millionaires, but no matter how much a person has contributed to their own success – inevitably, you will see that every successful person somehow, directly and indirectly – had
a lot of help along the way from the expertise of others.

Today Price : $1,997.00
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David Lee
David Lee
Scottsdale, AZ
VP of Sales & Marketing, LeadMD

“Diane Excels in the Areas Most Fail.”

“I’ve seen and worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners over the years. Many have incredible ideas and plans, but lack theability or patience to implement and execute. Diane excels in the areasmost fail: implementation, execution, systems, and planning. Plus, she has anin-depth knowledge of direct-response marketing the gets RESULTS. I highly recommend Diane Conklin.”

I Don’t Know Where You Are In Business Or How Much
Money You Make. But, If You Feel Like You’re A Prisoner
In Your Own Life – This Is Your Opportunity To Escape.

Some people, when they don’t know what to do, will often chose to do nothing.  These people tend to build their own prisons, and incarcerate themselves in them, making their environment as bleak as any actual penitentiary!  The imaginary prison walls they build prevents them from enjoying healthy and fulfilling lives.

These private prisons are created in their minds.  The walls are just as strong as the steel and damp concrete of real prisons.  The private prisons are built out of excuses, pessimism, procrastination and complaining.  Some people give themselves “life sentences behind bars.”

Don’t be that person.  Don’t give yourself and your business a life sentence.

You may be just one direct mail campaign away from your next big goal or from a fortune.  And just one skill away from financial freedom!

Now, my friend, the rest is totally up to you…
Katerina Chase
Katerina Williamson
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“A Proven Track Record of Generating Massive Amounts of Cash With Skillfully Created Direct Mail Campaigns That Work”

“Very few people understand the whole picture when it comes to marketing. Dianehas been using powerful and effective marketing techniques for selling products and filling seminars. She has a proven track record of generating massive amounts ofcash with little investment just by skillfully creating marketing campaigns that WORK! Diane can turn asmall start up business into a successful venture by using her experience in the information marketing business.”

Here's The Deal  

The “Direct Mail Building Blocks”system comes with my No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Get the system and review it.  Listen to the audio CD’s.  Go through all the manuals, watch the DVD’s and take advantage of all the shortcuts spelled out in the step-by-step system.  In fact, you can examine and use the course for one full year!  That’s not a typo.  Take your time.  You have 365 days to become an expert at direct-mail marketing.

You risk nothing!

And you know what?

Just to make things even easier on you I’ll let you pay for the entire system in…

5 Easy Installments
Of Just $347.00 each!
1 Payment of $1,997.00
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5 Payments of $447.00
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That way, if for any reason you’re tight on cash, you can break up the investment and get everything shipped to you right away.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Get this amazing system.  Thumb through the manuals.  Play the 3 DVD’s. Listen to the audio 6 CD’s.  Go through all the information and additional materials.  Apply the shortcuts you discover – and prosper! 

Don’t delay!

For Faster Service:  Have your PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express card handy and click on the secure order link below,

Fill in the online form and submit your order.

As soon as your order is processed I’ll ship everything out to you.  You’re going to love your “Direct Mail Building Blocks”system.  Order now!

Today Price : $1,997.00
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Just one good direct mail campaign will be the single most important way to multiply your income.  It’s the magic ingredient that will create money for you almost out of thin air …

Now, there’s an important decision for you to make …

You could, for example, choose to do nothing … go on from here alone … and miss out on the powerful, multiplying effect direct mail can add to your business, marketing and promotions.

There simply are no other choices.

I sincerely hope you decide to give this program a chance to blow you away with the proven processes revealed in “Direct Mail Building Blocks”system.  I look forward to welcoming you aboard, getting to know you, answering your questions and more.

Now, it’s decision time.  The choice is yours.  Here’s the link – you know what to do.

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Diane Conklin


P.S. — There’s absolutely no risk – since you’re guaranteed, in writing, that the “Direct Mail Building Blocks”systemwill magnify money and accelerate your success, or your money back – you should choose to take action now and rocket your business to the next level, immediately.

P. P. S. — If you’re getting all the results you want from your advertising, and you write it as easily as “falling off a log,” then I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this website and congratulations on your good fortune.  You represent fewer than 1% of all people in business! 
A rare gem, indeed!  But

If you could use more income, better results,… and most important… an easier time putting together your own direct-mail campaigns, much more quickly and effectively, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!  To get your system as soon as possible, order today!

P. P. P. S. — Remember, you can Test-Drive the system it for one full your risk-free and make sure it delivers everything promised or you don’t have to pay one red-cent!

P. P. P. P. S.  — Lets face it, “thinking about it” doesn’t work – “wishing” doesn’t work, waiting until you are “ready” or until the stars are aligned “perfectly” doesn’t work (just a little tip here, you’ll never be 100% ready,” and nothing is 100% perfect [sorry]).  Don’t fall into the trap of getting ready to get ready to get ready… by NOT acting on your dreams right now.

P. P. P. P. P. S. — If you’re experiencing any doubts, THE ALTERNATIVE for you not investing in this opportunity means that you are giving into the “past” (which is NOT your future reality) and you are letting FEAR and your thoughts about “paralyzing” you into doing nothing …and guess what’s going to happen when you don’t move on this opportunity?  …Nothing (or, worse)!

P. P. P. P. P. P. S.— The last thing you want on your mind ten years from now is to cope with the nagging, ever-present voice of regret.  The voice of reality that constantly reminds you that you failed to take action on a business-changing opportunity.  The chance to do something that will change your business (and your life) forever

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